Franklin’s Allergy – Another great video clip

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful SAFE Christmas with friends and family. Here’s another fun video about allergies that will get you smiling, perhaps even giggling.

Share with your kids if they have allergies. The moral of the story is terrific!

No matter what, there is always a solution 🙂

Spring in Victoria, British Columbia

Many of my friends are expressing that their seasonal allergies are crazier than normal this spring. If you live in Victoria, have you noticed any difference? How about colleagues at work? I even know a few that have NEVER before had seasonal allergies when living in Victoria; who may have had allergies when they lived in other provinces, like Alberta and Quebec, but in moving here with the change of pollens, things seemed to change.

I don’t know EXACTLY why our seasonal allergies are particularly worse this year… More things in bloom at the same time? Wider range in temperatures (rain to sunny and warm, to rain again) ? Maybe there are different kinds of molds out. I do not quite know.

What I do know is that when I moved to Victoria, almost 4 yrs ago, my INSANE seasonal allergies seemed to disappear! I could not have been any happier! It has been soooo nice! Well until now. The stuffy/runny nose, itchy eyes, headaches and congested sinuses, itchy skin and other symptoms have probably gotten to your head. Maybe you had a day or two where your nose was soooo stuffed you were insanely frustrated. Perhaps you keep taking antihistamines and it feels like you are “popping candy” as one of my friends’ said. We have all had days like that, however it is super important that we try to stay positive despite it all, because a negative attitude is no good. Trust me on that one. So when you start to get aggravated, take a deep breathe and try to relax because “it is what it is”.

As I am prone to sinus infections and the constant runny nose doesn’t help, I try to take a proactive approach and use either the Netti pot or other nasal rinses on a daily basis. Actually, right now, I am on it morning and night and it has been helping so much. It may seem like so much work and you may ask yourself why you are doing it if your sinuses are not completely blocked. Answer is… If you wait until they are completely congested, you won’t be getting much of the saline solution through, will you? 🙂

So smile, rest up, exercise and stay healthy. And don’t forget to laugh!! Laughter can do wonders.

Do you have other tips to share with readers? I am 100% certain if you are reading this post you or someone you know has been “hit” by seasonal allergies, whether in Canada or any other county in the World! Lets all help each other. Suggestions? Stories? Sympathy? Please share.