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  1. Hi Erika

    I think a recipe for vegetables would be great. Like for the young 20ish who hasn’t roasted vegetables in an oven before on a barbeque maybe; but they usually end of soggy. Unless kids grew up with families that encouraged vegetables, they may not know anything about vegetables, let alone cooking vegetables. And that young person wants to conquer living with allergies and needs to learn how to cooking with allergies.

  2. I love the recipe page – it’s nice to have a resource to turn to when I feel like I am running out of ideas. In the past, for me, one of the biggest challenges I have being single and before when I lived on my own – I found I just didn’t cook healthy meals because it seemed like a lot of waste or a lot of leftovers – I think sharing healthy meals for one is a good idea. Isolation – I think – can impact our health as well. Just a random thought of the top of my mind. 🙂 Harlon

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