BC Summer Games – A Memorable Experience

A month ago I was preparing my meal plan, food, and all our zone athletes for BC Summer Games. Time sure has flown! Preparing for the Games with my allergies was a tough one, 4 days and 3 nights of food to fit in a cooler and wasn’t sure if I’d have access to a microwave for dinner so my meals were simple. Though I had the same food every day I enjoyed every meal. My homemade food was really good, hard boiled eggs and fruit for breakfasts, gluten free sandwich with chicken I cooked before leaving, cherries and peaches for an afternoon snack and then turkey stew for dinner. After a busy day of coaching I didn’t even mind cold stew!

I had a really wonderful experience, my pain was well managed and I took antihistamines for my allergies. My asthma did flare up, due to the fact that we were sleeping on the floor of a school which had been closed for a month, however my rescue inhaler and antihistamines helped create relief from the regular flare ups. Even though it was a whole lot of work, organizing food – where to keep the food while we stayed at a school and also managing allergies, asthma and pain, it was an experience I will definitely repeat! Loved the atmosphere! Even though there were many hurdles/challenges I overcame them and came out stronger and also more patient as a result!

I truly love being a sprint kayak/canoe coach because I get the opportunity to support youth who are really keen and determined.

Over and out for now!!! :)

Here we go!

I’m on the bus heading to the BC Summer Games with my athletes! It’s actually a beautiful ride with the sun rising.


Cooler is packed for 4 days away from home! Breakfasts consist of hard boiled eggs and fruit, lunches will be chicken/lettuce sandwich with avocado and some carrot/celery sticks and cherries as my snacking food. Lastly, I’ve got turkey stew for dinners! Who said being away from home for 4 days had to mean I wouldn’t eat good food?! It can be a whole lot of work to organize, but I am soo happy I know what I will be eating and don’t have to worry about that whole portion of the Games!

I can now focus on my athletes and not worry about having a reaction. Let the Games begin!

Juggling food allergies, environmental allergies and asthma while in a high responsibility role – BC Summer Games

erika pic2

It’s Tuesday morning and I am working on my to do list for the BC Summer Games. My emotions are very mixed. I am excited to be going to the Games and have been selected as head coach, however I am anxious about my food/environmental allergies, asthma and chronic pain I am dealing with. As head coach for our zone in Canoe/Kayak I have a lot of responsibility during the Games, but also prior to the Games. I have 12 athletes to get organized and make sure they all meet at the same place and time on Day 1. I’ve spent most of yesterday dealing with last minute registration issues and emailing parents and finally today, have some time to do my own work and get myself ready for this 4 day affair!

I have to prepare my food for 3 meals a day over 4 days where I won’t be able to prepare anything. I’ll have access to a microwave and that’s it. The schedule is pretty busy too, so won’t be able to go to the grocery store for food. So this is the challenge. It reminds me of the training camps I used to have when I was a competitive cross-country ski athlete, that were 3-4 days. Except I also am responsible for 12 other people now, so it is a little different…

You see, on Thursday morning I’ll be getting up at 3 am and my wonderful boyfriend will be driving me to the chartered bus pick-up location for 4:20 am! Yeah, that’s really really early! I am lucky to have a partner willing to drive me that early in the morning! We’ll be sleeping in a school, so I also need to make sure I have full asthma inhalers and lots of antihistamines at the ready.

This may be the last post for a little while because I don’t foresee much time to post while at the event. I’ll definitely be sharing my experience after the fact.

Conferences, events, and hotel food


If you are living with life threatening food allergies, you have likely attended a conference or other catered event. Whether the event was a wedding, a holiday party or perhaps a conference, having a safe meal, or multiple safe meals can be challenging. Have you had an exceptional and memorable experience with hotel staff, or catering staff? Have you ever had an experience that may have resulted in a reaction?

I have attended numerous conferences and catered events, for all different occasions and each one has taught me a new tip and raised my awareness a notch.  A few action items I HIGHLY recommend are:

1. Provide a list of ALL your allergies prior to the event (either to event staff, or hotel management)

2. Before the first meal, ask to speak to the “Maitre D” or Kitchen Manager/Head Chef

3. If you genuinely don’t feel comfortable eating from the buffet, then do NOT hesitate to tell them. Tell them you would feel much safer having a separate plate for each meal. They should understand that.

Just because you have food allergies or food sensitivities, like I do, to gluten or dairy, it doesn’t mean you need to miss out on good food and dining! Live the conference, wedding or other event to the fullest while enjoying tasty food just like your friends or colleagues! Speak up! :)

I used to keep quiet and not eat very well. Now, I often eat better than others at the conferences. Some managers have even brought me meals personally! AND placed the napkin on my lap and pushed my chair in! While others were getting their own food from the buffet! Don’t get down because you have food allergies. Don’t let having food allergies be “unfair” they don’t have to be! Trust me on this one!


A new dessert…

This afternoon, I decided I would try a new recipes I found for a dairy free mint/chocolate chips ice cream and decided I would try it! I headed off to the grocery store with my list of ingredients and returned home, extremely excited to attempt this ice cream. Here’s a before picture with the ingredients the recipe called for… It’s my very first time making ice cream with avocados! I love avocados so am VERY excited. :)


Once I’ve tried the recipe, I’ll be tweaking it a little before sharing, to make sure it’s the tastiest it can possibly be!

Are you trying any new recipes this weekend?


A small price to pay – Cost of living with food allergies

Shopping basket fruit and vegetables isolated on whiteI’ve recently started a part-time job at a grocery store nearby. Life with food allergies and dietary restrictions can be very costly. Because of my allergies to soy we buy all local/free range poultry and meat as I often have a reaction from poultry and meat bought at the big chain grocery stores. This makes cost of living go up quite a bit and getting an extra part-time job has been a good way to help with that higher cost of living.

When it comes to meals, my partner and I usually eat vegetables with poultry, fish and meat. I can’t buy the cheaper foods because well, they happen to have most of the things I am allergic to. The rice crackers I can eat that do not have any of my allergens in them are more expensive than others and regular crackers. When it comes to a cheaper protein option to have with lunches, I recently had a reaction to a brand and type of canned tuna that I had been eating for years. A few weeks ago, I had some on my salad and had a reaction. It had soy. Obviously, un-declared. There went my one easy protein source that I don’t have to cook and can take on the road with me when I travel. I don’t react to other more expensive tuna, however these cans can be $6 per can! Way more than I can afford with part-time work and school… I know the high cost of groceries for us is just a fact of life and don’t worry too much about it because I also know that we are eating as healthy as we possibly could be.

I look at it like this… When it comes to groceries, it is really expensive having food allergies however I’ve long realized that having food allergies and other dietary restrictions like gluten and dairy is in fact keeping me healthier. I am not eating any processed foods and eat far more vegetables than most. Most days, I find my food allergies have had a positive impact on my life, in more ways than just eating healthy.Most days, I don’t get frustrated when I can’t eat something others are eating. Instead I tell myself “so glad I’m not able to eat the cake or deserts” because I know it would go straight to my hips! Obviously I haven’t always thought this. As a kid I would feel left out when I missed out on things. My perspective has definitely changed over the years. I’m now happy to have food allergies as it has taught me how to speak up, be very attentive and has helped my self-confidence.

Do you find you spend more on groceries than perhaps your friends or family members do? What tricks have you found to help you save money when shopping? What are some things that you simply can’t save on?

Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Pain and BC Summer Games!

BC Games

I am finally writing again. I’ve had a very busy spring and am headed into an even busier summer. I have been busy with work volunteering with Anaphylaxis Canada’s new “Allergy Pals” peer mentoring program and was recently chosen to be Canoe/Kayak Head Coach for Vancouver Island Zone for BC Summer Games which will be held in Nanaimo this year. It’s made me go from “busy” to “insanely busy” as this volunteer position with BC Summer Games has me organizing/running training camps and getting the team prepared all the while keeping parents informed.

When I applied to be a coach for the Summer Games, I didn’t worry about my food/environmental allergies, asthma or chronic pain one bit. I was just really excited about the possibility of being a part of the BC Games as I attended Quebec Winter Games as an athlete and loved it!

Now that I am officially the Zone coach and the games are only 32 days away I feel like I have so many mixed emotions around it. I am excited, happy for the new adventure, confident about my abilities, though I am also extremely anxious… I am anxious about how I will manage my food/environmental allergies, asthma and chronic pain. If you have allergies, asthma and/or chronic pain, you know that a few days away is not always that simple. It depends where you are going. Here’s what I am headed into… See if you can imagine what this will look like.

Food: Uncertain of how it will be served. They mention people with food allergies will receive their own plate at each meal…
Transportation: By bus with the local athletes from various sports
Accommodations: Sleeping on the floor in a school for 3 nights

We will be leaving home on a Thursday morning and returning on a Sunday. Ultimately, this means 4 days of food that I need to somehow prepare because with all my life-threatening food allergies and other dietary restrictions, there is no way I am going to risk having a reaction or getting sick while I am in charge of 15-17 athletes! Now, while riding on games transportation we can only bring one suitcase and a sleeping bag… As the bus will be full! That’s when I consider myself VERY lucky that some of the athlete’s parents will be attending the games and be driving there. My plan will be to find a spot for a cooler and a place to keep my food… Still working on that. One thing is for certain! I will have at least 2 EpiPens on me at all times.

Food allergies aside, my next hurdle becomes my environmental allergies. I have had serious asthma attacks on buses before which lead me to the emergency room due to pet dander, smoke and/or perfume on people. Imagine a full bus. I will have to be extremely careful and prepare for the 2 hr bus ride by taking extra anti-histamines and preparing my lungs ahead of the departure day. For me, this will mean upping my medication as prescribed by my doctor, to ensure my lungs are in the best condition possible. I will also need to make sure I have a new rescue inhaler and it is not expired as that would be the worst thing that could happen. Now, environmental allergies and the bus is one thing, however my even bigger concern is sleeping on a floor in the school.

My most serious environmental allergies which trigger asthma attacks fairly frequently nowadays are dust mites and cat/dog dander. I think it is fair to assume there will be significantly more dust on the floor in a school than there is in my extremely safe allergy-friendly home which we vacuum with a high quality vacuum that has Hepa filters built into it. I will definitely be carrying a lot of antihistamines for this trip! Thinking through all of these scenarios ahead of time becomes the first of my planning steps. The last thing I would want is to be having a reaction and not have enough antihistamines or not have the right ones.

Now, last but not least is the chronic pain. I know it is not allergies or asthma, however it is a fairly big part of my life. If I have a hard time sleeping on my comfy bed at home… I’m a little concerned about how my pain will be affected with the sleeping accommodations at the Games. That being said, I have already found an inflatable mattress I can borrow, to ensure I can get some sleep while I am there. In my “before the games” plan which I have written down that I need to have all my pain medications from the pharmacy as well as all my allergy asthma medications.

All in all, the Games are going to be a wonderful experience! I am so excited that I get to be a part of it! I will have to work on that flash mob dance though… :) Being busy seems to be my thing. The most important thing I have learned about being busy is to make sure I have a plan, because with allergies and asthma and chronic pain, I always need to be prepared and on my game!