Longer posts and stories

Several pieces I have written are longer and I’ll be sharing them here.

Life with Asthma – The Never Ending Game of Chess

“Life with asthma is like a game of chess. My game of chess started at 18 months of age, when I was first diagnosed with asthma. That was the day the chessboard was set up. My parents took me home with medication samples and prescriptions from my allergist. At that time, there wasn’t much movement with the game. In chess you can start the game with an opening strategy, however being young as I was; there was no strategy to my game. The strategy would come with time, as I encountered new situations and learned to adapt to my changing health circumstances. In the early stages of the game, my parents were the ones taking care of me and making decisions for me.”

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When thinking positively makes all the difference

“Living with asthma, anaphylaxis to peanuts and nuts as well as other allergies, my entire life, has had and continues to have a significant influence on my day to day activities, health, well-being, academic life and involvement in sport. For several years my asthma appeared to be more in control of my life than I was. At a young age, frequent hospital visits and daily usage of a compressor one to three times a day was not uncommon. In kindergarten, drastic as it may sound, I sat alone in the classroom every lunch hour with a mask on my face, breathing in the medications that would help me make it through the rest of the day. My family and friends were extremely supportive and I attended a very small public elementary school where we all knew everyone by name, thus I was not bullied or teased about my condition.”

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