A new dessert…

This afternoon, I decided I would try a new recipes I found for a dairy free mint/chocolate chips ice cream and decided I would try it! I headed off to the grocery store with my list of ingredients and returned home, extremely excited to attempt this ice cream. Here’s a before picture with the ingredients the recipe called for… It’s my very first time making ice cream with avocados! I love avocados so am VERY excited. :)


Once I’ve tried the recipe, I’ll be tweaking it a little before sharing, to make sure it’s the tastiest it can possibly be!

Are you trying any new recipes this weekend?


Spring is here and summer is near… Are you looking for a new salad recipe?

Jicama and Cilantro

Jicama & Cilantro Salad

You will not want to miss this extremely simple, recipe! If you’ve never even heard of Jicama, and wouldn’t know what it was if you saw it… Do not worry, more information here!

Be adventurous. Pick up a jicama on your next grocery trip!


New recipes to be added soon!

Recipe Book

I will be adding some more recipes soon and am wondering what types of recipes you are all interested. I try to keep them the simplest a possible, so anyone can make them. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Hopefully you have a little sun wherever you may be. Our weekend here in Victoria, BC is looking wet and grey… Perfect weekend for some website work and to build the french site which will be very similar to this one. Stay tuned, and please share any topic, or recipe suggestions you may have. The more the merrier.

Delicious meals that don’t include grains

Tonight we had a favorite…Dairy and Soy-Free Curried Chicken a nice way to wind down from a busy week. It is almost a comfort food for us. And instead of having rice, I had steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts!

curried chicken no grains

Nowadays I am more strict with my nutrition, minimizing and avoiding sugars, grains, starches, dairy and most fruit products (juice and dried fruit) as much as possible. Personally, I have seen a difference. This is a diet change I have made and am followed for and have seen huge improvements with, now and in the past. I am curious to see whether it helps with my other allergies. I know eating a lot of vegetables, especially the green leafy ones like kale, chard and spinach make me feel better. Have you ever craved a spinach salad when you were stressed? I most definitely have! :)

Has anyone here tried either elimination diets, candida cleanses or the ketogenic diet and had any success with allergies? Or perhaps success with asthma symptoms…



Have you become a better cook as a result of having food allergies?

If you are anything like me, having severe food allergies and sensitivities has made me healthier. Living with allergies has made me much more aware of what I eat. I must say, most of the credit can go to my soy allergy as it seems like there are preservatives in almost everything these days! The soy allergy has kept me far away from any processed foods and cold-cuts at the deli as well as the marinated meats and most sauces you would find at the local grocery store. As a result, I have  spent a fair bit of time looking up recipes, getting ideas from others and trying new ingredients that I had never heard of before, and hadn’t the slightest clue how to pronounce!

I absolutely LOVE to be in the kitchen and try new recipes and spice blends. The aroma in the kitchen when cooking curry, or when a tasty soup is on low and simmering is AMAZING! Preparing the vegetables is usually a little time consuming, however it is always worthwhile. There is nothing like a home cooked meal! And all of ours are just that. If you don’t cook much and the idea of cooking more from scratch seems like one that is not going to happen, I highly recommend sitting down, brainstorming a list of the meals you enjoy most and the “comfort food” meals. Then, have a look online, as there are so many variations and some a lot easier than others! Finding recipes from someone who lives with allergies, or even a gluten-free diet is an added bonus, as they will likely have suggestions for substitutions and such ( ie: milk, eggs ).

A few sites I really like for recipes are;

My Gluten-Free Goddess

All Recipes

Living Without

Allergic Living

I learned how to cook fairly young and am very thankful to my parents and grandparents for that. If there’s one thing I would recommend, it would be to teach your kids how to cook. :)

If you are eating out with food allergies, one of my best tips is to keep it simple! Remember, the more different ingredients in the meal you order, the more risk. This is just something I have learned through experience. I’ve would also rather eat out with friends and socialize over a simple dish so I am not fearing a reaction. In my mind, there’s no point in risking it. However some restaurants, you might feel confident that they have you covered and truly “get it” and in these situations you might be more confident trying something different. I have asked for fancier dishes in a few restaurants where I had a really good talk with the manager and chef and felt confident that they were being as careful as they could possibly be in the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination. More on this train of thought to come in another post!

And, if you are interested here is an article about just this topic; “How Food Allergies Have Made Me a Better Cook”

Buying “clean” food in Victoria and Online!

If you are like me and strive to find products that have the least possible amount of preservatives in them as possible, I highly recommend browsing through Epicure to see what amazing herb mixes and products you can find.

“Epicure does not add filler, additives or MSG to their products. We make it possible for people with allergies to enjoy tasty food without compromising their health! Contact me for specific information about our products or ingredients. Most of our products are gluten free, low in salt, and BC certified Kosher.” – Tricia Sturgeon, Independent Consultant

And while you are at it, check out my most recent page with local places to buy! Lifestyle Markets, Market on Yates, and Market on Millstream are the first few I had time to add =)