XXI World Congress of Asthma is around the corner!

I am very excited to be attending thanks to Allergen NCE. There is a little more information on their website now about the topics that will be discussed and the FINAL Program is also up!

Looking through the numerous sessions, titles and keynotes & speakers has been extremely inspiring, as my primary concerns and interest lie in why asthma is on the rise, and, how to manage asthma in the work place or school. It is one thing to have a home that is clear of mold and dust and is controlled, however I haven’t quite figured out how to deal with alternate environments which have multiple triggers that are beyond my control.

Over the next few days, I will be looking through the program and trying to figure out which sessions I will be attending! It’s like looking at a menu! Hopefully I will be seeing some of you there!

BTW, I can’t seem to find abstracts yet either…


Allergies, Asthma and Post Secondary Education

I am wondering whether there are any scholarships or awards out there for Canadian students and post-secondary education. I seem to have come across a few in the USA and the UK, however am having a harder time finding such opportunities in Canada. The only one I know of which is 100% related to living with allergies and Anaphylaxis is the Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award.

Do you know of any?

Deadline is rapidly approaching!

If you or someone you know is in college and has been helping to raise awareness on life-threatening food allergies and educate others, make sure to look into the Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

This award was the most meaningful awards I have received in my life, because of the story behind it. The story of a young girl who gave so much to try and help others at her age. Perhaps you will be one of this years recipients. You won’t know until you apply!


Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

A simple reminder that this application deadline is approaching and if you or someone you know is right for this award, I highly recommend having a quick read and applying.

Click here to be taken to my earlier post with all the details! You could be one of this years recipients and there is so very much value in submitting an application whether it goes through to the end or not.

I was one of 2 recipients in 2010 and receiving this award has been one of the most positive and meaningful experiences for me as I truly realized how my continued efforts were helping make a real difference.

Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

Are you under the age of 25 and a student with life-threatening allergies, entering post-secondary education or already enrolled? This award is dedicated to Sabrina Shannon, a teenager who suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction. This award is meant to help keep Sabrina’s spirit alive as well as her enthusiasm and energy.

If you or someone you know is making a valuable contribution to the community by raising awareness and educating, then do not miss the deadline for this award. More details can be found on the Why Risk It? website below.


As one of the recipients of this award in 2010, I felt honored and even more keen than ever before to keep raising awareness and educating. If you are eligible for this award, I highly recommend you apply, even if you do not feel you have really contributed as much as others may have.

Believe me when I say that writing the essay is a great way to see where you are now, and where you may have come from. For me, the process of writing the essay helped bring certain things from my past to rest. I was able to appreciate how far I have come from where I used to be. My asthma used to be worse than now, and I had a hard time fitting in and accepting the challenges I faced, though that changed significantly. We often keep a lot more to ourselves than is really healthy and writing it down, or expressing it with art or other can really help.