About Me

Erika Profile - China Beach

Like many people, I have severe anaphylaxis to peanuts, nuts, legumes and soy and numerous other intolerances including dairy and wheat (and gluten).  I am also asthmatic and deal with numerous environmental allergies as well. I currently live in British Columbia, Canada and have learned to live every day to the fullest and to NEVER live with regrets. Always think of the positive. Life does not have any negatives, only challenges.

My Mission: 

To create a self-sustaining, supportive, allergy and asthma aware community where even those without allergies and asthma provide a level of support.

My #1 Priorities are:

1. Eat Healthy.

2. Be active.

3. Support others with similar challenges.

4. Unconditional Happiness

More about me:

I have two siblings, neither of which have life-threatening allergies like me. Growing up, my parents and family always made a concerted effort to ensure I didn’t felt left out or extremely different from other kids. When I was young, my asthma was much worse and it affected our lives on a daily basis as I had to take my asthma compressor/ nebulizer to keep my asthma controlled.

I am extremely athletic and have been since I was young. My siblings and I were enrolled in soccer & downhill skiing teams when we were younger. I also competed in flat water sprint kayaking and cross-country skiing at regional and provincial levels.Training for competitions was always a nice way for me to “escape” if I had had a tough day with my allergies or asthma or any other frustrations. Competitive sport has also helped my asthma greatly and has taught me that my asthma should not restrict me from following my dreams which has been one of my biggest achievement

I am extremely passionate about sport and know that I am at my best when it is a part of my daily lifestyle.

I love cooking and baking. Especially coming up with new allergy friendly recipes. When I am not out for a bike ride, a hike or cooking up something delicious, blogging & volunteering with numerous organizations, I enjoy a little gardening, art and music.