Flying to Toronto with Westjet with allergies another success!



A week ago I left Victoria, headed to Toronto for a series of conferences and meetings with AllerGen NCE and the Asthma Society of Canada. A few days prior to leaving I called Westjet to advise them of my allergies to both food and cats/dogs. Within a minute of calling, my call was answered. I was amazed! What great customer service!

I mentioned that I had severe allergies to peanuts and tree nuts and she asked if I wanted them to make an announcement on the plane about having a passenger aboard with allergies. I said yes. The customer service representative then advised me that at that time no pets had been added to either of my 2 flights. I was relieved. She did remind  me that pets could be added to the flight anywhere up to 2 hrs prior to the flight. I told her that I would check again at the gate.

Fast forward to departure day…

I had my entire “travel kit” ready. In my purse with all the antihistamines I could need, my medications, wipes and masks.

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I went to the gate 1.5 hrs before departure to be sure I had enough time to speak with someone. As it turns out, a dog had been recently added to the flight and was going to be 2 rows in front of me. They changed my seat so I would be at the back of the plane, which was great for me as I ended up with no one beside me, and could have more legroom too.

I went through security and then at the gate I went straight to the desk to speak to them about pre-boarding and identify myself as the passenger with all the allergies.

At that time I was advised that there was a dog on the plane that had just landed, which we were boarding and it had been very close to where I was supposed to be seated for my flight. We considered moving me to the middle of the plane but it was pretty full, so they told me they would wipe down the seats for me before I boarded the plane and had me pre-board way before anyone else. When I boarded the plane the kind westjet flight attendant in the above picture, mentioned that he had wiped down the seats near where the dog had been and my seat. He even offered me more wipes to clean further if I needed to. I advised I had my own wipes and thanked him for having gone above and beyond to try and make the aircraft as safe a possible for me.

I did my own cleaning of the seat, table and seat belt, placed my epipens and inhaler in the seat pocket infront of me and put on my mask and took my antihistamines. Then settled back in my seat; ready for the first leg of my flight to Edmonton…

Halfway through this first flight I brought out my safe oatmeal from Libre Naturals and asked the flight attendant for some hot water. Whenever I fly, oatmeal is the easiest food to take with me. And it fills me right up!

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Second leg of my trip from Edmonton to Toronto went great as well.  When I landed in Edmonton, I went straight to the gate and once again identified myself. They already had all my allergies in the file and said that I could pre-board soon.

Once again, Westjet made another announcement about my allergies and I had a safe flight. Landed safe and sound in Toronto!

If you can fly Westjet, I 100% recommend you fly with them over another airline in Canada. As they truly do everythign they can to make sure you have a safe trip, with the least stress possible.

Thank you Westjet!








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