Soy… Oh the places you will find it!


If you have an allergy like me, you might have had some moments as I have had where you find out something is made of soy and you had no idea!

Well… a while back I had this such moment when we were out looking to buy new pillows for our bed. We had tested a few and the sales rep came to me, was about to hand me a pillow that looked like this:

#7 Bio Green

and said “You will love this one! It is made of soy!”. I leaped up off the bed and was like “nope, lot trying this one!”.

Then, just a few days ago, I was looking at one of the boxes of tea on my desk that I had received for Christmas, only to find the following statement:

Soy Ink final

This was the first time I had found something I purchased had soy-based ink!

What items have you found where you had no idea your allergen would be there? Please share in the comments below!

Be safe.


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