Safe Holidays?


How were your Holidays? Were you able to eat delicious food surrounded by those you love without a reaction. Thanks to wonderful friends and family who truly understand my allergies, I had a reaction free Christmas. Even my environmental allergies were well controlled as I avoided any environments which might have triggered a reaction.

If you and your family went to friends and family for dinner, did your hosts understand your food allergies? If they had pets, did they understand how your asthma and allergies would be affected?

Hopefully you had great safe holidays and that New Years will also be a safe one for you. If you are going somewhere, please prepare ahead and communicate your allergies and the level of severity. Better to be safe.

Have a wonderful Monday!



One thought on “Safe Holidays?

  1. Thank goodness, Erika, it was a safe holiday for me, too. High five! Perfume-wearing family member (who always denies wearing perfume) actually had asthma for the first time ever this year and finally listened to my plea to not use it. The food was cooked more simply than usual, too. Perhaps your gentle reminders worked, enabling me to plan ahead better. It certainly doesn’t hurt to repeat the cautions! Thank you for doing that.

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