Immunotherapy injections at a walk-in clinic

I have been going to a local walk-in clinic here in Victoria for my dust mite immunotherapy injections as it is more convenient. I can go after dinner so it does not affect my workday. I was hesitant about going to a walk-in because all walk-ins I had ever been to, on more than 20 different occassions had given me the injection at a different place on my arm compared to where my GP and my Allergist gives me the injections.

Now if you do not get allergy injections, the difference in injection site can actually mean a larger reaction, which was always true for me at walk-in clinics. About a month ago I decided i would go to the walk-in. I lucked out! The doctor at the walk-in was very nice, understanding and talked to me about subcutaneous injections. She helped me better understand why some reactions to the injections might be worse than others. I now go for my immunotherapy injections when she is there. Have you found a good doctor at a walk-in?

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  1. May I ask which clinic and doc? I recently moved to Victoria from On, where I had no allergies, but now am reacting with hives, sneezing, head aches. Infort allergy meds means I can’t sleep even taken at 6 am.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Sher,

      Sorry for the delayed reply here. I go to the Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic, close to Save on Foods near uptown. I will send you an email with the doctor’s name.
      I would recommend seeing an allergist as well. My allergies here are very different from my allergies in Quebec, where I grew up.

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