Severe allergic reaction to lunch meat

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Yesterday I shared that the last wee has been a scary one which has seriously impacted my ability to trust labels and kitchen staff. Well, I have shared my close-call at the restaurant, and thought I’d share the severe allergic reaction I had on Wednesday with you.

Wednesday was one of those busy days where I didn’t pack enough food for the day and by 3 pm my stomach was growling and I needed food. I decided to stop at a grocery store and pick up some rice crackers and sliced meat that I trusted, to tide me over until dinner. Well… something had changed in their product because within 10 seconds of ingesting the meat, my throat was insanely scratchy and getting worse. The afternoon and evening consisted of antihistamines, trouble breathing and swallowing and full body itchiness as well as a trip to the hospital, where they kept me under observation to make sure my symptoms didn’t get any worse. This was the first allergic reaction of this severity in almost 3 years and it scared me! I was mostly scared because I don’t know what it was I reacted to. Nothing on the label stands out as a trigger for me, so I have no idea if it is a new allergy or perhaps it was something undeclared like soy. It’s even possible that it was contaminated. I have no idea! All I know is that I don’t trust much right now.

Two days later I am still recovering. When an allergic reaction triggers your asthma and upsets your stomach and your throat, it doesn’t just go away the next day. It takes time. I also feel exhausted. It’s quite an event for your body to recover from. At least in all my experiences it has been.

So what to do next. Yesterday I decided I would take the meat to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for testing and inspection of the factory. They say they will follow up with me when they have more information and I seriously look forward to knowing what happened! I know for sure I won’t trust that company anymore. No matter what the result.

Have you ever had a reaction and taken the sample to be inspected? What happened?

From all this I have definitely learned that I need to organize and plan even better so I have snacks I can grab on the go. That is my big lesson learned from this. Also, not to trust certain items and companies…




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  1. Which brand was it? You should make it public to hold them accountable, and send them a letter– maybe even take it to the media! Scary stuff! Glad you are ok.

    • Thank you, I am sure glad I am ok too. I really like your idea of sending them a letter. I do plan on taking this to the media when I have an answer from the testing with the Canada Food Inspection Agency. I am waiting to hear what the test comes back with before making it public. As I do not know what it was in there that gave me a reaction.

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