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If you are living with life threatening food allergies, you have likely attended a conference or other catered event. Whether the event was a wedding, a holiday party or perhaps a conference, having a safe meal, or multiple safe meals can be challenging. Have you had an exceptional and memorable experience with hotel staff, or catering staff? Have you ever had an experience that may have resulted in a reaction?

I have attended numerous conferences and catered events, for all different occasions and each one has taught me a new tip and raised my awareness a notch.  A few action items I HIGHLY recommend are:

1. Provide a list of ALL your allergies prior to the event (either to event staff, or hotel management)

2. Before the first meal, ask to speak to the “Maitre D” or Kitchen Manager/Head Chef

3. If you genuinely don’t feel comfortable eating from the buffet, then do NOT hesitate to tell them. Tell them you would feel much safer having a separate plate for each meal. They should understand that.

Just because you have food allergies or food sensitivities, like I do, to gluten or dairy, it doesn’t mean you need to miss out on good food and dining! Live the conference, wedding or other event to the fullest while enjoying tasty food just like your friends or colleagues! Speak up! 🙂

I used to keep quiet and not eat very well. Now, I often eat better than others at the conferences. Some managers have even brought me meals personally! AND placed the napkin on my lap and pushed my chair in! While others were getting their own food from the buffet! Don’t get down because you have food allergies. Don’t let having food allergies be “unfair” they don’t have to be! Trust me on this one!


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  1. I can highly recommend Four Season’s Resorts for taking food allergies very seriously. We are currently in Mauritius. Every resort restaurant was notified in advance of my fatal almond allergy. Every waiter tells me upfront that they will make 100% sure that my meal is safe. Even 21 hours away from home you can enjoy fabulous meals & feel secure.

    • That is wonderful news! It is great to hear that you can have a nice trip/vacation while feeling safe and not worrying about having a reaction. I have to agree that the Four Seasons Resorts are great for food allergies. Thank you for sharing! Some chains really are great and are adapting the right way to the increased prevalence of food allergies and know how to make their guests feel safe.

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