A busy summer is winding down…


Yeepers! For the last few weeks I’ve been telling myself it’s time for a new post, however it’s been very hectic over the summer. This morning I was surprised to see that my last post was July 3rd! I guess it has been quite some time…

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer! Our summer in Victoria British Columbia has been quite a nice one! We had a whole lot of sun which was wonderful. As a kayak coach, I was lucky enough to spend a good part of the summer on the water in a coach boat. A real treat. What was your summer like? Any family vacations or camping trips? This summer I’ve been dealing with injuries and it’s meant that I wasn’t as active as I would have liked to be, however I’m hoping next summer can make up for this one, with hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and camping trips.

One of the major highlights of my summer was a visit from a family in Calgary who has a child with severe food allergies, which, I met through this very blog! They had read my blog early in may and had reached out to me asking if I had any tips on things to do in Vancouver or Victoria, restaurants that were allergy conscious and safe and places to stay. We corresponded for 2 months and the family decoded they were Victoria bound! I was extremely excited to meet one of my readers and supporters from Calgary!

Combining two busy schedules was tricky, however we managed to spend their last afternoon in town together out on the water! We took the kids out for some kayaking and canoeing. It was so inspirational for me to meet a reader who so strongly believed in what I write and who I aspire to be. To meet her family was wonderful. It was almost magical. We had only corresponded by email, yet it felt like I already knew them . They were my friends. It was an experience like no other. I look forward to the next time we will meet! Perhaps I’ll visit Calgary next. 🙂

Though this summer has been a busy one, it has been a great one. I have spent much more time focusing on me and trying to overcome injuries and other health challenges. My asthma symptoms have also been significantly better over the last 2 months which is extremely exciting! Throughout this busy time, the two things I never skipped were my immunotherapy treatments. Both sublingual and subcutaneous, as they have continued to make a HUGE difference in my allergies and asthma and I know that skipping them will make my allergies and asthma worse. Immunotherapy is one of my biggest health priorities! What is your biggest health priority?




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  1. Hello to Erika and all her followers. My family and I are honoured to be mentioned in this blog post. And while Erika discusses how our visit was a positive experience for her … for us, meeting her was such a profound and powerful experience that is hard to put into words! What an example she was (is!) for my food-allergic daughter and the whole family. Erika, our time with you was the highlight of our summer. Thank you for your hospitality and time. We had such a fun afternoon and you proved that once we are prepared for the possibility of an allergic reaction, we can forget about allergies and whatever else ails us and enjoy the moment! You are an inspiration to us and many. May you continue to find the time and strength to enlighten everyone with your knowledge and stories … it is so beneficial in countless ways. Thank you for everything. Until we meet again ….

    • Thank you Heidi. I’m glad you found it uplifting. I’m finding it to be a bumpy road, but it’s shaping itself up pretty well! Keeping my head up and focusing on the positives keeps me going. This summer has been an awfully busy one, but meeting with Michele’s family made me truly appreciate all I have accomplished and embrace what is to come.

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