A Healthy Snack!

Today is a beautiful sunny day, here in Victoria, BC. I woke up bright and early to get an early start on the day. With an early breakfast, I was craving a snack… What was my go to? Seaweed! Yes, you heard that right! 🙂

S01w23d Sn4ck

Have you ever had seaweed? You may want to consider it once you read the nutritional benefits. There are a great deal of resources out there that discuss benefits of seaweed. Here is one I like. http://paleodietlifestyle.com/eat-this-seaweed/ I recommend reading about seaweed, if you are considering joining the “seaweed bandwagon”, so to speak. I must admit however, that the taste is pretty unique, and it’s not for everyone… So if it’s not quite your cup of tea, I get it. Personally I love it. They are like a chip replacement for me! A bit of salt, with the savoury of olive oil. Nowadays, there are different varieties out there.. The brand I love currently makes a few different varieties. So shop around and see what you can find!

The seasnax brand I LOVE uses olive oil as opposed to other oils. They have small packages as seen below and larger sheets. I usually buy the larger sheets and break them up.

S01 Sn2x_small

What are your thoughts on seaweed? Already part of your diet? Considering trying it? No way? Let me know!

PLEASE know that if you have a shellfish allergy, seaweed may not be an option for you. Always read your labels, know what you are eating, and ALWAYS do your research if it is something completely new. Be AWARE.

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