A good night’s sleep ahead!


Tonight I am staying at the Kingbridge Conference Centre & Institute for a conference. Upon arrival I had a few questions I asked the hotel staff to ensure I would have a good night’s sleep, and a safe stay. I asked whether the hotel was entirely pet-free, and whether or not there were windows in the room. Lucky for me, no pets, and large doors instead of windows! We’ve had the door open ever since we arrived and the room is less stuffy and my allergies are not too bad, in comparison to other hotels I’ve stayed at. The staff have been EXTREMELY accommodating with my allergies and have made my first day here a success.


These are a few questions I normally ask when I first call in and book a hotel.

  • Do you allow pets in the hotel? Are there rooms that have never had a pet?
  • Do the windows open in the rooms?
  • I have severe allergies to cleaning products and chemicals/perfumes. Can you please have them no spray any perfumes or use other scented fragrances and possibly clean the room with a mild cleaning agent, or vinegar?
Often times I’ve “shopped around” if there are no windows or patio doors that open. When I arrive to check-in, there is usually special attention given and on several occasions, I have had a note from managers sitting on the desk when I entered the room. 
Have you ever stayed in a hotel? When you are planning a trip or heading to a conference, what do you do beforehand?
Tonight is bound to be a good night of sleep! Time to call it a day. 🙂

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  1. Glad we were able to assist you, thank you so much for your comments
    it means a lot to us.

    Guest Service Department
    at Kingbridge Centre

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