Cruise ships!

Cruise ships at port

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went out to the breakwater here in Victoria and watched the cruise ships come in. We watched two cruise ships dock at port, to allow passengers to visit the island for the evening. This is a fairly frequent site here in the summer months. It’s always fun to watch the massive cruise ships dock. It all seems slow motion! Watching these cruise ships reminded me of my experience yrs ago, aboard a cruise to Alaska, on the Zandaam with Holland America, and all I wanted to think about was when I might be able to go on another cruise!

Cruise Ship

Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Perhaps a family cruise to Alaska or warmer yet… the Caribbean? Nowadays there are many cruises, including themed ones, like the Disney Cruise! For families who have a severely food allergic child, a cruise may be a scary thought. An impossible event. To others it may seem manageable if the necessary precautions are taken.

I have been on a cruise. To this very day, it was the most memorable trip of my life! We planned safe snacks to take with us, spoke to the booking agent about the allergies prior to the trip, and had a meeting with the kitchen manager our first day on the ship. Before a single meal had been made. I had a wonderful experience! The manager sat down with me every night at dinner, for a few minutes to plan all my meals for the following day. He advised it best that I only eat at the main restaurant, so he could make me the meals, and our family decided to eat there for most of the meals. There was one lunch where my family wanted to try out a different restaurant on board. I walked to the main dinning room, where my lunch had been prepared for me, asked to speak to the manager, as I did at each meal, and he brought me a plate that I took with me to the other dinning room. Not once did I feel scared. I felt safe.

It is all about being safe. Making sure they can accommodate your allergies. That they understand how severe and life-threatening the allergies are. As I mentioned above, there are many different cruise lines out there nowadays. You need to take precautions. If you don’t feel like they understand, consider looking for another cruise line.




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  1. Cruise ships are fun. Good for you for being so well-prepared and taking the time to make sure all of your meals were okay for you. I have been on one cruise to the Caribbean and it was wonderful. My food allergies/intolerances aren’t life-threatening so I was able to work around the menu. My daughter has major allergies, but had no problems on the ship. We had dinner at the same table every night (same waiters) so they became very familiar with her requirements. Avoiding buffets helps to prevent the possibility of cross contamination. We took a tour of the kitchen and spoke to the staff. I did have a problem on the ship with mold(?) in the air conditioner. I found that in certain parts of the ship, my eyes would start watering/itchy. It also happened on shore in some the tourist stores that had air conditioners. I tried to spend as much time as possible outside, which is not hard to do in the Caribbean. I’d want to get a cabin with a balcony if going on another cruise. All this talk of vacations – I think I need one.

    • Great to hear of another successful cruise experience! Thanks for sharing Alex! Avoiding the buffet is definitely a wise decision and I really like the idea of having dinner at the same table every night. Smart thinking! Mold tends to be a tricky thing to avoid… as you likely know. Our trip to Alaska was cold, so no mold there. I have been thinking of going on a trip south… I wouldn’t have thought about the mold… Glad you mentioned it. We didn’t spend much time outside. When we did, we were wearing warm fleeces! A cabin with a balcony does sound like a great solution! I’m also dreaming vacations these days. It would be nice 🙂

  2. Ellen, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed my post about cruise ships and are enjoying my blog! It’s great to hear that your cruise experiences were also good. Which cruise lines have you been on? The only one I’ve been on is Holland America?

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