Close friends, family, and loved ones

Beach View


I have been extremely busy lately, juggling health, multiple jobs and such, and have taken some down time, to relax, re-focus and plan! Health challenges can often be overwhelming, though it is so rewarding when you finally get a grip on things. Whether it be dealing with severe food allergies, environmental allergies, asthma, a serious chest cold, or injuries from sports or an accident, it is easy to get pulled into a downwards spiral. Times when we are perhaps not as healthy, having the loving, caring and supportive family members, relatives, colleagues and close friends around will make things a whole lot better.

Having someone who is not afraid to give you a pep talk and get you back on track is key! When things are not going so great, it is easier to lose sight of our goals. I’ve learned that the best possible thing I can do to prevent myself from losing sight of my goals, dreams and other plans is to be able to kick myself out of the blues. A quick pep talk usually gets me back on track, though often times, a hug or chat with a close friend or my sibling is needed. I like to go for a walk, or sit on the beach and listen to the sounds of the waves breaking, or watch the calm water on a day when there is no wind.

Do you ever find you are overwhelmed by health challenges? If so, how do you get back on your feet and try to see past the present struggles? Do you tell yourself it is only temporary? Do you tell yourself you’ve gotten through it before? Who do you call for a chat?

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