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Sitting here at my computer with a huge cup of tea, I ponder the following… how safe is tea? To some this may sound a little silly however the reality is that nowadays you can find soy on the label of teabags. So what does this mean about other allergens. Well, have you ever been to a loose leaf place? If so, have you ever noticed that there are all kinds of tea, some which include nuts!

I’m a little hesitant to have loose leaf teas, and when at a coffee shop I always opt for the tea bags and read the boxes of the tea before I order anything. Most people are shocked when I turn down having tea, it seems so innocent, however nothing is completely safe.

Do you drink loose leaf teas? If so, what brands do you drink. Does that company make any teas with blends that may have shells from nuts? If they do, do they have procedures in place to lessen the cross-contamination factor? I’m on the lookout for some nut-free loose leaf companies… Any ideas?

My personal motto always has been and remains to be: “you can never be too careful”

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  1. I just had this experience the other day! I ordered a vanilla rooibos tea latte, sat down with it and had a bugging intuition. I returned to the counter to check a list of ingredients, which they did not have. Holding up the line, i was inclined to say ‘im sure its fine’ and move along, chalking it up to unnecessary allergy paranoia. but instead i asked to look at the tea itself. and sure enough, it had almond shavings in it. i hate to admit it because of all the restrictions that come with it but its true, you can never be too careful!

    i have wondered since then whether tea has the same precautionary regulations that food products do… i suspect not. To the best of my knowledge Silk Road does not produce any teas with nuts in them and would be worth a phone call to check.

    thank you for your site. i have been experiencing some pretty intense allergy anxiety since a reaction i had a couple weeks ago. its nice to connect with others like me since i don’t know anyone else with allergies and to know that i am not alone πŸ™‚ keep it up!

    • Thank you for sharing Amy. I was worried that the result would be a reaction and am extremely happy to hear that you stuck with your gut. It is pretty scary to know that a simple slip up, or forgetting to inquire can be fatal. There was only ever one occasion when I didn’t pursue like you did, and it resulted in a reaction to cross-contamination of the machine that makes the frothed milk. With soy, that could have been a serious reaction, and I was in Berlin! I was extremely lucky that my reaction was moderate but not severe that time! Like you said, one can never be too careful. I really admire your ability to stick to it. It takes a lot. Especially if you are holding up a line, or getting weird looks, it can play on our self-confidence.

      We all have moments where we are tired or wish we could just say… “ah it is probably safe” however it’s important to remind ourselves that it’s only a little effort that could save our life. Keep up with the label reading and being attentive. It’s really great to hear stories of others like myself that are persevering through the challenges. It can be a rocky road, however staying on guard always pays off! πŸ™‚

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