Allergy friendly lip gloss and ChapStick



Have you ever tried to find lip gloss or ChapStick that doesn’t contain soy, almonds, other nut oils or even castor oil? If you haven’t had to yet, good luck! Unless you are looking at a health food store or special pharmacy, they are fairly tricky to find. Safe ones I mean. I’ve been fortunate to find many different brands out here on the west coast. Most of them have shea butter as the main ingredient. I have been using Shea Lips which is a Canadian Company, for the last few years.  I recently tried the ones in the above picture and LOVED the products! They have jojoba, avocado and hemp oil in them, and the combination really helps dry lips! I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Bronner’s lip balm and the Shea Lips brand as well. Both are absolutely terrific and organic. What more could one ask for? 🙂

What is your favorite allergy friendly brand of lip gloss or ChapStick?

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