Cleaning Products and iQ

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What do you use as cleaning products? Do you use the strong ones filled with chemicals, or do you veer the natural route? The strongest cleaner I have in our place is vinegar. For years now, I’ve kept to the natural products, the ones you find at health food stores. The strong scents and chemicals always get me. Rarely will you see me walking down the aisle with all the laundry detergents, cleaners and air fresheners. The two aisles I will never walk down in their entirety are the ones with the bulk nuts and the one with all the cleaners!

Any cleaners containing chemicals, for clogs or tough stains, are kept outside. Those products only come in IF, and ONLY IF they are necessary. When I use them, I am always sure to have ventilation going and usually wear a mask.

Some may think I am a little crazy. I’m not. With my allergies and asthma, those products are triggers. Those cleaners never existed back in the day. Have a read through my post on The “Hygiene Hypothesis”, there are some good links in there for more information.

If you are all for the natural route, like I am, I’m curious to hear what products you use…

I LOVE the refill cartridges with iQ as they are not to pricey to buy and stock up on. I thought this concept was genius when I first found the line of products! What do you think?

iQ - refill cartridges



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