Chocolate bars… More is best!

Finding chocolate that is safe to eat can be quite the chore with peanut and tree nut allergies and to top it off, the fact that I avoid dairy and gluten. Good chocolate bars take quite a bit of searching… At least I am a fan of dark chocolate. I would never buy a product with a precautionary label. The minute I see a “may contain” or “processed in a factory that manufactures nuts” label, I’m looking for another brand, or going home to call the manufacturer.

This weekend at our local Health Food store I came across the Enjoy Life chocolate bars and was excited to try them. Have any of you tried them? How do you like them?

Enjoy Life Chocolate Bars


I also found the chocolate bars that I LOVE… by Righteously Raw. There chocolate bars are made in a nut free factory and have only natural ingredients and no dairy. They use agave syrup and dates as sweeteners. Have you ever tried these? They are absolutely AMAZING! The children may not be fans of them though… More of an adult treat 🙂

Righteously Raw         Righteously Raw Ingredients       Righteously Raw Nut free


Let’s just say it is a good thing I am disciplined as I plan on having these last me for some time. Definitely a treat. Once bar every few weeks should be ok…

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