The triggers on the bus go…

What a way to start the day! Sitting right next to us on the bus was a girl dowsed in perfume. I was trying to keep my antihistamine use to a minimum as I’m prone to getting really drowsy from most of them. This morning I’m starting it off drowsy. The perfume coupled with other triggers on this bus have my nose running, eyes itching and some coughing to go along with it. This bus is quite a closed trigger environment. I can’t wait to get outside. Another 10 minutes in this trigger filled environment. Never been more excited to get to work.

And just when I thought I had had my fill! Here comes the cologne. Eek. This is getting absurd… 🙁

When you take public transit, do you get ups and downs with triggers? Perhaps some bus rides trigger your allergies and others don’t? That’s what happens with me. Especially when you are on a bus with smokers, perfume, pet dander and a ton of dust! Fun, fun, fun.

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