Things you don’t think about when you sign up for a gym membership…


Having sensitivities and allergies to scents; perfumes, chemicals etc. can be challenging. If you deal with these, have you ever noticed how trips to the gym usually trigger allergies or asthma? My trip to the gym on monday night had to have been the worst yet in terms of triggers. The smell of deodorants and perfume was overwhelming! And I found myself taking antihistamines to make it through the session, chaperoning my athletes. What are your experiences? Have you noticed the same?

I am also very cautious using the cleaners at the gym, as I haven’t the slightest clue what they use. I wash my hands immediately after using the spray and cloth to clean off the machines. Anyone else do the same?

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  1. Back when I had my asthma blog, my friend Steve commented and pointed out to me that gyms are some of THE worst places for triggers ever. I highly prefer working out not at the gym regardless of the trigger issue, but it’s highly ridiculous that half the time you can’t even escape the locker room without encountering at least one trigger.
    Otherwise, humidity in certain gym environments can have an effect on breathing, thus as of course can dry air and/or dust, sanitizers for the equipment and hand sanitizers often located around gym and rec complexes.
    And of course . . . this is all without even considering exercise induced asthma ;).

    • Kerri, you and Steve are so right about them being some of the WORST places for triggers. Thanks for sharing! Locker rooms are definitely terrible for triggers. Perfume, body lotions with insane scents, and insanely strong deodorant! There is definitely a whole lot of dust and humidity is a given. Gyms are more often hot then they are cold… I much rather go for a walk, or a swim or a bike ride. The gym has always been one of my last resorts, or I would go during off hours. Often at 6am or so before class.

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