Being in cars with dogs

If you are allergic to dogs, the title may have made you a little itchy just reading it. My allergies to cat and dog dander are quite strong and immunotherapy has seriously helped, however I cannot be in a confined space with a dog. Tried it a few summers ago and ended up with asthma, itchy watery eyes and hives. No fun at all!

What gets a little tricky with pet dander is that it sticks to everything, especially car seats in fabric. Every time I get offered a ride with someone my questions are; Do you have a cat or dog at home? Have they ever been in your car? Once I have a good idea of wether they have pets or smoke and what type of pet I then make my decision. Most of the time I’d rather walk or bus than take a chance. Do you find that a lot of people simply don’t understand?

Have you ever said yes because you felt pressured to? I’m not going to try and deny it. I have. And each time I pay the price, usually resulting lot drowsiness from the only antihistamine that does the job for me. Benadryl. I just find it hard sometimes, knowing that I could be home an hr or 2 hear lire if I took the ride… Sometimes I’ve brought a mask along… An N-95 mask has done the job for me in the past. At least in making sure my lungs aren’t affected. There’s nothing that can be done for the itchy eyes though, unless I plan ahead and take antihistamines 30 minutes prior to the car ride…


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