Dietary sensitivities and treats

Living with multiple life-threatening food allergies and a handful of sensitivities makes treats a little tricky. I think it’s impossible to live life without a small dessert every once in a while. I would NEVER treat myself to something that said “may contain nuts” or “may contain soy”, NEVER. To me my life threatening allergies create a very black and white type of scenario. It’s either I CAN eat it, or I CAN’T. With dairy as an intolerance, I do give in to chocolate every once in a while, however am a starting to realize that my body really can’t tolerate it. Dairy creates a bit of a grey scenario for me, where it’s all about judgement… If I eat too much chocolate, like I did on valentines day… Then the following day I am extremely ill. And I vow I won’t eat chocolate again. However avoiding chocolate is so hard for me, so I’ve made a mental note and the next time I go for chocolate, it’ll be dark, so I am ingesting less dairy AND it’ll only be one piece. NO more than that.

How do you manage intolerances when it comes to desserts? Have you ever eaten a little too much and regretted doing so? Share below an lets get talking 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dietary sensitivities and treats

  1. Great post on Valentine’s Day treats. It is tough avoiding chocolate! Having a life-threatening allergy is not negotiable. But, having an intolerance/sensitivity is hard too. You might say, I can have a bit and if you’re feeling good it shouldn’t be a problem. I had a similar experience with Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend asked beforehand if I wanted chocolate for Valentine’s Day – I said no. I find it is harder to have chocolate in the house. We went out for dinner on the weekend and I ordered what I thought would be okay (we split a calamari appetizer, and I had salmon and vegetables with a glass of red wine). When my sweetie ordered a praline tart for dessert my will-power caved (it was drizzled with chocolate). I had a bite (less than 1 tbsp) and it was delicious. The next day I felt awful – itchy, burning eyes, eczema, headache). Now I don’t know if it was the dessert or the wine. I have been finding some interesting info about histamine intolerance and unfortunately chocolate is naturally high in histamines (as is red wine). Too bad!

    • Thanks for sharing Alexis, having an intolerance/sensitivity can be tough for sure. I hear you. So sorry to hear that post Valentine’s Day was not so great. I guess we were both in the same boat. Unfortunately. Though, after all is said is done, it is nice to know what our limits really are. I know I won’t be pushing mine again.

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