Delicious meals that don’t include grains

Tonight we had a favorite…Dairy and Soy-Free Curried Chicken a nice way to wind down from a busy week. It is almost a comfort food for us. And instead of having rice, I had steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts!

curried chicken no grains

Nowadays I am more strict with my nutrition, minimizing and avoiding sugars, grains, starches, dairy and most fruit products (juice and dried fruit) as much as possible. Personally, I have seen a difference. This is a diet change I have made and am followed for and have seen huge improvements with, now and in the past. I am curious to see whether it helps with my other allergies. I know eating a lot of vegetables, especially the green leafy ones like kale, chard and spinach make me feel better. Have you ever craved a spinach salad when you were stressed? I most definitely have! 🙂

Has anyone here tried either elimination diets, candida cleanses or the ketogenic diet and had any success with allergies? Or perhaps success with asthma symptoms…



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  1. Thanks for the curried chicken recipe – I’ll have to try it. It certainly is a challenge to adapt/create recipes depending on specific allergies/intolerances. My allergies have gotten worse in the past few months (no life-threatening reactions – mostly itchy eyes and eczema). I am trying an elimination diet to determine if I have new allergies. It is challenging. I have noticed that my reactions are not always immediate. The reaction may be the next day so keeping a diary is crucial. It does take a lot of planning and will power to stick with it. When I get frustrated with “being deprived”, I try to switch my thought to a more positive “count your blessings” attitude. I have found that some foods that we crave the most are often the ones that we are allergic to.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts here Alexis. I have heard great things about the elimination diets and you are entirely right, sometimes the symptoms we experience after eating a food that does not sit right with our body can be the next day or even 2 days later. It is great to hear that you try and focus on the positive. I know that is true for me with dairy. And it is much more of an intolerance and sensitivity than it is an allergic reaction. I like to use the word sensitivities because that’s what these are. I am highly sensitive to the wheat and the dairy and even most alcohol. Finding that positive twist is sooo important and is what keeps us smiling and not frowning. There is so much we can do even with these sensitivities and allergies. Embracing life is so huge, even when we feel like it’s not fair (as written in Allergies are not fair)

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