Hands down best attention from restaurant staff yet! Bard & Banker is the place to go with food allergies

Bard & Banker

Bard & Banker Restaurant, Victoria, BC

My birthday is Saturday and with allergies, I always struggle what to do for my birthday as I often feel uncomfortable speaking to the waiter or waitress when I am with a big group of friends. I called up a restaurant (Bard & Banker) I had eaten at in the past and had a safe meal and made a reservation. After she confirmed they had the table space I said; “I also have severe, life-threatening food allergies and was hoping I could speak to the manager or chef”. The reply I got absolutely surprised me! Though it was a REALLY great surprise! She said; “Right, are you still allergic to peanuts, nuts, soy, lentils and sensitive to the gluten and dairy?”.

Turns out they had kept my allergies on file for the next time I would visit! I was smiling ear to ear. I said yes and she finished by saying they would take precautions when preparing my birthday dinner. I hung up the phone and took a nice deep breathe and smiled some more. My worrying about dinner with my friends was no longer the same.

Literally 2 minutes later the phone rings… A call from the Bard & Banker. I am asked whether I know what I will want to eat on Saturday night, so they can take the extra precautions to prepare my meal separately to prevent cross-contamination! WOW! I have never heard a restaurant ask that before. My smile was back and the weight I felt on my shoulders lifted. I was definitely feeling relieved and ready to celebrate my birthday. I can’t wait for Saturday! My allergies will not affect the good times we will have. 🙂

Have you had an experience similar to this that you want to share? What restaurants do you feel the most safe at? How do you rate the safest to least safe restaurants for you or your child? Is it by attention and precautions taken by the restaurant staff? A safe meal? Or by what they have in the kitchen?

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