Sublingual immunotherapy – my new attempt with cats and dogs

For 2.5 yrs I went in to either the local walk in clinic, my GPs office or my allergist for regular injections. The build up phase was incredibly long, especially since I reacted a few times and was given the same dose, weekly. When I reached maintenance dose a few months later, I felt like I had graduated, I was so excited because it meant that we would no longer have to commute 3 hrs a week to see my allergist.

Fast forward to the present… 3 weeks in on my first trial with sublingual immunotherapy and there are definitely conveniences, though there are also some things I wish weren’t happening. I lI’ve that in 8 days I was up to my maintenance dose and I especially like the fact I don’t need to go to my allergist every week as it becomes challenging when you add work to the equation… I am very pleased though the one thing I can’t seem to get rid of is the itchy throat. I have been on antihistamines ever since I started this course of treatment an I can tell when the effects of the antihistamine start to wear off. All in all, I am kind if on the fence. Perhaps others don’t get the oral itching as bad as me…

Has anyone had any more severe reactions? I recently had my throat swell and hope it doesn’t happen again!