What flares up your asthma?

Do you have times of the year when you feel your asthma is worse? Perhaps your asthma is not majorly influenced by the variances in seasons like mine is. Do you know what your main asthma triggers are? Mold? Pollen? Exercise? Managing our asthma is often times very tough. For me, the hardest part of it all is when I can’t figure out what my trigger actually was for a specific attack. I have found myself coughing and coughing and before I know it I am wheezing, and I haven’t the slightest idea why. The worst is the asthma attacks that are brought on by laughter. I must say, I really do not enjoy these as I usually need to leave the group or whom ever I might have been with, to take my inhaler.

What do you do to try and get better control of your asthma? When do you go see your allergist or a doctor about your asthma not being as controlled as usual? If my asthma is still controlled, though I know it could be better, I will first try to ensure my sinuses are not a factor. Then if I am still having trouble controlling my asthma, I will go see a doctor, to get assessed. Often, this will mean trying a new medication or taking a closer look at what other triggers could be present in my life that I may have overlooked. Sometimes it is evident my immune system is weak and I have a cold or an infection, and it results in a prescription for prednisone or antibiotics. No two visits are identical.

In trying to be proactive in my approach, I exercise regularly as I know that it really helps me. This however, may not necessarily the case for everyone with asthma. I am also trying to add more yoga and meditation into my life in hopes of becoming more “in-tune” with my body. In practicing yoga, I find my ability to focus on my breathing has greatly improved.I am now using this skill in situations when my breathing is a little more rapid than it should be; particularly if I find I am anxious.

Here is an article written in the Yoga Journal about asthma. Have a read, maybe you’ll want to take up yoga too! 🙂


** PLEASE NOTE that if your asthma is NOT controlled and you are having an asthma attack, yoga or breathing is NOT a substitute for your inhalers. It is best to consult with your doctor before taking on any new exercise routines.

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