Will grocery shopping get easier? New Canadian Food Allergen Labelling Regulations

How long does it take you to do your groceries? If you are like most, you read labels very closely knowing that the slightest trace of allergen could lead to an anaphylactic reaction. With manufacturers using different labeling conventions and not necessarily claiming everything they should (allergen-wise) on labels, a short grocery list could be an hrs worth.

Do you remember the campaigns to try and change the regulations? One of the most helpful ones will be fully in effect by August 4th of this year! It is so great to know we have made it to the next stepping stone. Not to say there isn’t a lot more to advocate for, however these clearer labels are a fairly significant step in the right direction. Have a read, and share what you think!


I will still pay attention to labels and follow up with manufacturers if I am not 100% sure, though these new labels will make it easier to quickly “weed out” the ones that aren’t the slight bit safe. 🙂


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