Smoking while on a bike…

The weather is beautiful. The sun is out, not too much wind here on the island lately and it is the perfect weather to do some physical activity outdoors. I’ve been going for morning bike rides this past week and it’s amazing how a beautiful bike ride can go negative when you get stuck behind someone on the bike path who is smoking a cigarette as they ride. I think there is a time and a place to smoke, and it is NOT on the bike path. Anyone else think like me?

Biking through a cloud of cigarette is not quite my “cup of tea”, especially first thing in the morning. Is there anything that can be done to create more awareness for people who smoke, about the impact their “puff” can have on someone who is asthmatic? Having to stop and wait it out for 5-10 minutes isn’t really all that enjoyable nor does it make any sense. Why should we have to stop and wait? Unfortunately enough for me, at 6:30 in the morning, I didn’t think to stop  as I was headed to work and tried to keep my distance, still getting a significant amount of smoke since I was down-wind of the person.

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