A great opportunity for your child/children!

As mentioned in my previous post, there is an online allergy and asthma outreach intervention that will be starting in the fall. I have been a mentor in both pilot studies and worked with the research team and highly recommend this opportunity to youth with anaphylaxis and.or asthma. Here is a short message from one of the organizers, about the study and her contact information, if you are interested (with the audience being youth). Please have a read into this amazing study!

My name is Kim, and I am creating some really fun and exciting resources for a study for youth, like you, coping with asthma and severe allergies. The program will be lead by Peer Mentors, people who are a bit older than you, who manage their allergies and asthma. It will be offered as 8 online sessions from September to November, for one hour a week. There will also be interviews before and after the sessions so that we can get to know you better, and see what you think about the program. 
You can learn more, from previous participants, on our website. There are some blog articles you may really enjoy. My favorite is The Ugly duckling: the Asthma and Allergy version, but I also really enjoyed writing  the other ones too. (There are a few for your parents to read, if they are interested.) Please go to:  https://sites.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/sos/.
We would love to have you join us! If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at kkara@ualberta.ca. then I can send you a link to the application form. 
Hope to hear from you soon!

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