Another positive hotel experience!

This weekend we were in Tofino, on Vancouver Island and stayed at the Tin Wis Hotel.

If you are looking for a nice place to stay, perhaps celebrate or spend a nice weekend as a couple, the staff here were amazing. When I initially called in to make a reservation, they took notes about not to use any scented cleaning products and assured me that our room would have been thoroughly cleaned, if in the past there had been a dog or other pet in it. Each room also had patio doors, which was great! Nowadays, many hotels have windows that do not even open, which can be a real nuisance for us allergy sufferers.

Dinner was also phenomenal. The kitchen staff and waitress were extremely understanding and modified the dish to cater to my allergies. They were not taking any chances. And their menu has several gluten free options! They are aware. They also have gluten free wraps available for breakfast.

Definitely worthy of another stay.

What places have you stayed at that you feel extremely comfortable returning to for your next stay? Do many come to mind?

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