The “Hygiene Hypothesis”

You’ve likely heard of the “hygiene hypothesis” at some point or another. Some of my friends joke with me asking if I didn’t play in the mud enough as a kid. Not in a mean kind of way, we always laugh.

Well, it is becoming more and more popular in the news since Johns Hopkins – Children’s Center has published their results from their most recent study.

“The investigators say their findings are also consistent with the so-called hygiene hypothesis, which has recently gained traction as one possible explanation behind the growing rates of food and environmental allergies in the developed world.”

Here’s another link to an article that refers to John Hopkins’ study and findings:

Have you ever pondered what is actually in all the products you use? Are there ingredients on your shampoo or conditioner? Do your beauty products contain parabens and the other chemicals and preservatives referred to in the study?

Personally, I am moving further away from these products. I guess not using makeup due to my allergies has been a bonus too! I now use natural mouthwash / rinse, and am starting to use a toothpaste with all natural ingredients. The soap, shampoo and conditioner are also as natural, paraben, preservative and chemical free as I could go!

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