XXI World Congress of Asthma 2012

It has been a little while since my last post as there has been a lot going on. Most exciting is that I will be attending the XXI World Congress of Asthma in Quebec City, Quebec thanks to Allergen NCE’s support. http://www.allergen-nce.ca/

I am extremely keen to meet researchers and leaders who are trying to better understand the hows and whys of asthma. I also look forward to the recent research and theories that will be presented and discussed. http://www.wca-2012.com/

What questions do you ask yourself about asthma? If you have asthma, do you know all of your triggers? What makes your asthma worse? I know I spend a fair bit of time playing detective… “Why was my asthma worse today than it was yesterday or the last few days?”. “Am I coming down with a cold?” “Is my asthma controlled as best as it can be?” So many questions, and most can provoke a decent amount of thinking and discussion.

If you’ve got questions, post them here and I’ll see how much I can find out for you.

A list of all the presenters and sessions is available on the website.

I have also joined the Asthma Society of Canada / National Asthma Patient Alliance (NAPA) http://www.asthma.ca/napa/ as an asthma educator. They will also be present at the XXI World Congress of Asthma in August and I look forward to meeting them there!

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  1. This will be my first World Allergy Congress. Do you know if abstracts will be available online and when? I can’t find it out from the site.


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