Last minute packing…

Yes, we all do it. There’s always the thought that ” I don’t have to do it right away, I’ve got lots of time”. Well, at least my “last minute packing” consists only of packing clothes as all my medications, “Erika-friendly” snacks, and masks for the plane were ready to go yesterday! 🙂

Ahhhh a sigh of relief. Bag to check is packed, carry-on is packed and now I can sit back relax and smile as I feel I have become so much more efficient and organized with planning trips. Now, this trip is a little different as we will be going to visit family, so I am not having to deal with hotels and special requests for cleaners etc. On the flip side, the challenge remains that everyone has pets, except for my brother’s place who we were fortunate enough to acquire for the week along with another family’s home which is fairly safe as well…

I use “fairly” because both places we will be staying at, have had peanuts, nuts, soy and legumes in the kitchen which means it isn’t as safe as the comfort of our own kitchen here at home. However… this has never stopped me from embarking on new adventures in the past and does not scare me now. On numerous trips in the past, my friends, colleagues and family have all pitched in to help make the kitchen safer for me. And how might we do this?

STEP 1: When we arrive at a hotel kitchenette or at a house we’ve rented, or suite at a hotel, or even when we are staying at someone else’s house the first thing we do is clean every single surface! EVERYTHING. A good cleaner and a nice sink full of hot water with “new” clothes/sponges will do the trick.

STEP 2: Clean the dishes and cutlery that might be used for cooking meals or eating. If there are plastic spatulas or other spoons, I always set them aside and insure they do NOT get used throughout our stay.

STEP 3: Clean the door to the fridge, and at least the shelf in the fridge where I will be keeping my food. When I was away at cross-country training camps, this was ALWAYS crucial.

These are only a few of the bigger steps I take to create a safer kitchen environment when I am not in my own kitchen and don’t know what foods were eaten, or prepared. Other precautions can be taken, and I do take a few more.

Well, tonight has come and gone and I need to get some sleep before we fly East tomorrow. More to come as I share my experience travelling with WestJet, as they have always been amazing with my allergies.

**Remember, I am only a young adult with allergies sharing my experiences and what I do is NOT necessarily what you will do which is 100% ok. I am just sharing what I do to make myself safer in someone else’s kitchen.

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