Trusting my gut. And a relaxing evening after massage…

Last week I posted about a massage that wasn’t so relaxing after the fact because I was itchy all over and had a rough time falling asleep as a result. As the massage was only my back, it didn’t seem to make sense that I was reacting to the jojoba oil, so the only other trigger that came to mind was the laundry detergent or dryer sheets they use…

I recently went back for another massage and decided to bring my own sheets and blanket. This decision was not something I was quick to come to, and ran the idea by a few friends before committing to it, even though I pretty much knew that I HAD to “troubleshoot” by first bringing sheets I knew didn’t make me itchy. I knew I would have to “play detective” in order to figure it out. Sure enough, I came home from the massage this week with NO itch! My plan worked! No need to “go back to the drawing table” and re-assess what could be making me soo itchy after massages.

And I didn’t feel uncomfortable with bringing me sheets in the end. I thought it through and showed up the day before with my sheets and blanket in a bag. I spoke with the receptionists who both agreed it was the best idea to try and pinpoint the reason for the itch. They told me not to worry, that they would give the massage therapist the sheets and all would be well. Just as they promised, I showed up the following day, and the table was all set up with my sheets! Talk about people who whether they have allergies or not are receptive and understanding. Made me feel a whole lot more confident about bringing my own sheets.

It’s always after the fact that we look back and wonder why we were so hesitant. Well, sure enough, I have been asking myself just that… My conclusion for this scenario was that I felt awkward showing up to massage with a set of sheets for the table. Silly huh? After the fact I would have to say, YES. Because my motto has always been do what keeps me from getting a reaction if at all possible. Sometimes we get so caught up in the “I wonder if…” or “I wonder what they will think if…” or even “how will this make me look…” and we forget the most CRUCIAL point of it all. To keep one safe and prevent reactions when possible.

I am realizing that, though I rarely let others opinions get in the way of mine, sometimes my ego kicks in and a tad more confidence and following my gut at these times especially would be extremely important. Therefore, from here on in, I will try so very hard to go with my gut. As you know, it can sometimes prove to be quite the challenge. Though once we get into a habit of trusting our thoughts, it’ll become much easier.

On that note, I am calling it a night. Back for another post tomorrow!

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