West Jet & Epi-pens on board

If you have severe allergies and are looking into flights for a trip to see family, like me, or you are planning a vacation, I highly recommend WestJet from all my past travelling experiences. And here’s another reason more for me to choose them 🙂

They are making an effort to keep their passengers safe and are definitely proving to be aware of the serious topic of allergies. Planes will have an Epi-pen and Epi-pen Jr. aboard.

West Jet has shared a link on Facebook. See their message and the link below.

“We teamed up with Pfizer Canada Inc., makers of EpiPen® (epinephrine) Auto-Injectors to determine the concerns of Canadians at risk of anaphylaxis who may be travelling this summer. See the survey results here: http://fly.ws/Jhc4kX “

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