And how am I supposed to be relaxed?

Have you ever gone for a massage or slept over at a friends’ house and ended up with a tight chest and perhaps itchy skin? Definitely a yes for me. Some laundry detergents are filled with a whole lot more chemicals and scents than others, and some make me itchy and affect my breathing. Have you been in any similar situations? Perhaps you get hives? How do you prepare for it. If you are going to be staying at a friends house and know in advance, do you bring your own sleeping bag? Do you bring your own blanket? And what about those nights, that perhaps you are too tired to drive home after or perhaps you had a few too many and shouldn’t be on the road. Do you ever stay over? Do you resort to calling a cab to insure you end up in your own bed in the sheets you know you won’t react to and can sleep comfortably?

Today, during my massage, I was a little itchy and the only thing I can think of is the sheets/laundry detergent. Now, I have been to physio appointments before where I brought my own towel for the heat therapy. The towel would go around my neck, because the dryer sheets they used and the detergent would trigger my asthma and I would leave physio feeling ever so itchy.  So, should I be bringing my own sheets to massage? I’m a little confused… If you’ve been to hotels and spas, this might be something you have had to deal with as well.

I will have to think a little more about this one… Right now, I have no idea.