Why am I sneezing? Why is my asthma flaring up?

Do you ever feel like you don’t quite have the answer to why you are sneezing or why your asthma might be flaring up? Lately, I have been having a rough time tracking down the triggers. I’ve always made sure to vacuum (with a Hepa filter) on a weekly basis and clean the sheets and blankets in hot water weekly to get rid of any possible dust mites. I have a Hepa filter which I usually leave on during the day…

So I try to play detective… Though I can’t seem to find the common thread between my asthma and allergy “symptom flare ups”. Now, I am starting to consider colds more often as the culprit. Not all the time, but I do know a cold weakens my immune system, and then does that make me more susceptible to worse symptoms? In any case, I know I need to get healthier. When I am in good physical condition, and exercising on a daily basis, my lung capacity increases and asthma is less of an issue. It becomes less and less of an issue to me, the more fit I am. Note that this may not be the case for everyone though… Some do not take “intense” exercise as well, all depending on how well controlled their asthma is. Everyone is different, and our bodies do not all react the same. For me it may be exercise, for another, it may simply be fresh air or on the contrary, staying indoors with Hepa filtered air. What works best for you? And do you know often resort to it when things just aren’t going as planned?

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