Epi and me

Do you take your Epipen with you wherever you go? I sure do. I always have this fear in the back of my head that the one time I forget it, I will need it. If I am going for a bike ride or a run, I take it because maybe I’ll feel like a snack on the way home. Or going out to restaurants our out with friends. It is ALWAYS with me. And in double. I carry two because I have had a reaction when I was younger, where I needed the second dose because the hospital was so far away.

It’s understandable that maybe you forget it at home, or in your locker, or whatever the reason may be, I have forgotten it a few times. But would you take a bite without being sure you had your Epinephrine? I wouldn’t. I always double check to see that I have my Epipen with me before I take a bite when I am eating out. And then I know that if for some reason, I do react, after all the precautions taken, that I have my life-line with me.

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