How has your mother kept you safe?

In honour of Mother’s Day… Has your mother been there when you needed guidance with managing tour allergies, your asthma and perhaps even dealing with an anaphylactic reaction. We all have someone in our lives that we know has our back, and I know my mother will always have mine. Ever had any occassions when you were at someone’s house for dinner, maybe your parents and siblings were all there too. And they were attempting to serve you something you were severely allergic to. You may have tried to talk it through with them but they just wouldn’t understand. Well, I’ve been there, and when I just didn’t have it in me to explain it a second or third time I knew my mother would step in.

Now, being 23 and living away from home I am more appreciative and aware than ever before of the challenges both my parents worked hard to overcome. All the appointments they took me to and how much reading they did to try and better understand my allergies and how to make sure I didn’t feel extremely different or that I didn’t fit in. Not once did I feel like I missed out on treats because my mother baked plenty for us. She has been there for me ever anaphylactic reaction I have had. Even when I was in British Columbia and she was in Montreal. What occasions has she been present that you will never forget? Does she know? Today is the day to tell her if you haven’t already. Every day is a good day, but why wait. 🙂

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