An evening at the movies

My boyfriend and I went to the movies tonight and I was reminded of the period of time when I couldn’t go to the theatre due to my allergies. My environmental allergies would always flare up. I remember several occassions when I had to leave the theatre part way through because I was sneezing and having asthma. Or would fall asleep and miss the entire movie because the antihistamines would put me to sleep!

Have you ever had to skip out on a night at the movies with friends? Or gotten gift cards and not been able to attend? Well, to be truthful. In the moment, I always had a tough time accepting the fact I had to miss out or would get ill. However I did realize at one point that it could be just as fun if not more enjoyable having a movie night at home. And cost was much less. Now I am back to going to movies, with a non-drowsy antihistamine. Every time I go, I feel privileged because I know there must be others out there with severe environmental allergies who cannot