Today was yet another “expedition” to get my allergy injection. I had made up my mind that I was going to get it today and I did not let the unexpected challenges deter my objective. As I had not had my injection in almost 3 weeks due to the clinic being closed last week and not feeling well enough the week before, I made up my mind that today was the day. I set out on my bike to catch the bus. Arriving at the bus stop, with 10 minutes before the bus, I realized I had everything BUT the allergy serum I needed. I headed home, picked up my allergy serum and made it back to the bus stop with time to spare… Then it was off to the clinic. A note on the door indicated it would be closed this sunday. I hopped on my bike and headed to the next clinic only 5 minutes away. Just my luck! It was only open until 13:00 on weekends and I arrived at 13:30. After a few minutes of sitting on the park bench outside the clinic, I had decided to head downtown and get my injection once and for all. Another bike ride and bus commute and I was standing outside a clinic that was actually OPEN. Just 30 minutes later, I was making my way back home.

Now, looking back I ask myself why I didn’t just call it a day, come home and maybe plan on going to the clinic tomorrow after work. The answer is simple. I didn’t want to give up. I’m sure I would have come home earlier I would have had something to go to, but that was not the case. So I decided to take a deep breathe, accept today would be a commuting one but that I would finally get my allergy injection. Now I am sitting at home, enjoying a nice quite evening and the days chaos is a mere blur.

Eventful days can sometimes be good even though in the moment you might be wishing things were different. I learned that if I really set my mind to something things will work out. 🙂