Whoa! Something is in the air!

My boyfriend and I just went for a bike ride and my nose just wouldn’t stop running! Symptoms also included itchy eyes and nose, tighter chest and now a headache. I am clueless. Anyone else notice worse allergy symptoms today than usual? I have been considering myself lucky because in the last few years, living out in Victoria, British Columbia, I have not had crazy seasonal allergies. I was always so relieved. Several of my friends have been telling me “Just wait, I didn’t have seasonal allergies for the first few years after moving to Victoria. The symptoms will come around”.  Makes me wonder what keeps us from reacting the first few years, and them BAM! Oh well, it means another detective type project for me. Not going to lie, I do find it fun to try and figure out WHY. Unless of course I am unable to come up with any reasons or even a hypothesis.

Maybe when we move to a new place, our body isn’t used to the new pollens and we don’t react. No idea 🙂

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