Brands you trust & new products

I’m sure I am not the only one who has seen and dealt with brands you once trusted adding new “non allergy-friendly” products to their line. Today when we went for groceries, I noticed a brand that I had bought products from in the past now made a product with peanuts. My plan of action is now to go back to the company and check on their policies and such to see whether this is going to affect the things I buy on a regular basis. Perhaps the company has segmented the products they make with nuts and other allergens. Maybe they have 2 different factories or product lines… Won’t know until I give them a call.

This begs the question; “how do I know for sure a manufacturer hasn’t changed their process or added products that affect my trust in their brand and their safe products?” Answer is… I don’t, unless of course I am calling and contacting them on a regular basis. Is there a solution to this? Is there a way we can be kept “in the loop”?

All I can say is that I am sure happy that right now only a few things I buy are from the middle isles at the grocery store, which alleviates a whole lot of this concern I have about changing products and labels. It is sooo much less stressful cooking from scratch and knowing EXACTLY what I am putting in my food. Tonight was no exception to that rule.

Fresh rosemary from the garden, veggies from the local market and some free range antibiotic free chicken ended up as a Lemon-Rosemary chicken with steamed vegetables and rice. And I didn’t have to worry about a single label! Now that’s the way to do it. 🙂

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