Allergy and Asthma Walks in May

Have you ever participated in one of these walks or runs? Maybe you have sponsored someone who has. One I recently stumbled upon definitely sparked my interest. Asthma UK has a fundraising event that is 100km in length. Sounds like quite a trek. I know this event is definitely on my radar. Maybe a trip to Europe in the future for this event… 🙂 Take a look at London 2 Brighton Challenge

Do you know of any other events out there to raise awareness and funds to help with research, outreach and support? Have you ever considered starting one? If you have, contacting one of the major Allergy/Asthma Organizations might be your first step. Many are keen to help out and support initiatives. Check out the “Allergy/Asthma walks in North America” tab for some of the walks in North America I am aware of. There are likely many more all over the world. A simple search on the web and you might discover there is one going on near you!

For events that are longer than a few hours, the one thing that always gets my mind going a mile a minute is what to do for food? Most events of this nature offer food for participants, however are you really going to take a chance if you are in the woods and/or far from home? I participated in the Canadian Ski Marathon when I was a competitive cross-country skier and I had to pack all my snacks with me. My friends would grab trail mix at the rest stops and checkpoints, and whatever snacks they provided, yet I had to carry it on my back. Seeing others get the snacks they served kinda made me feel left out, though I quickly realised how much safer I was having my own FUEL 🙂