New Chairs at the Doctor’s office!

Ok so you are probably wondering why I am so excited about new chairs at the clinic. Well, most of the time, chairs are in fabric and covered in cat dog and other pet hair and dander. I always cringe when I have to sit down in these chairs, because it is like I am sitting down on the very thing that makes me ill. To be honest, I haven’t the slightest clue whether or not the hair and dander on these chairs actually triggers my allergies. All I know is I feel more comfortable sitting down on a chair that is not covered in visible allergens.

Similarly, this ties in to the whole issue with buying used furniture. If like me, you have severe allergies to pet dander, dust etc. then buying furniture from someone is not ideal, unless of course you know the person you are getting it from or at least the home it is coming from. You almost need to know the history of the couch before agreeing to buy it or better yet get it for free. Leather is always a safer solution, but comes with a price. It can be tough to find a new couch, for a reasonable price, and often times can be frustrating because you know there is no alternative. My boyfriend and I were lucky when we moved to our new place as we found a brand new couch at Dodd’s Furniture in the clearance items. LUUUUCKY! 🙂