Moisturizing creams & Massage oils

Today was one of those… “oh no I forgot XX” days. I was on the bus, headed to a massage this afternoon after months of no massage and I realized I had forgotten to bring my “back up” massage oil. With all my allergies, it can be difficult to find creams and massage oils I can use. I always try to bring my own cream for physiotherapy appointments and in the past have brought the massage oil, because it is kind of a necessity for both. It was my first time with this therapist and I had forgotten to inquire about what she used.

So I went to the pharmacy before the appointment and tried to find an oil that the massage therapist could use. Unsuccessful, I went to the health section of the grocery store and VOILA! I found jojoba oil! Scent-free, Paraben free, no almond oil, no sunflower seed no anything! As it turns out I showed up for my massage and her first question to me after seeing my LONG list of allergies, was, “can you use jojoba oil?”. I had to chuckle. My backup plan was her essential oil of choice!

If you don’t have allergies, have you ever stopped to read the label behind some of the amazing scented creams and massage oils? If you haven, have a look. The list is insane! Enough for anyone with allergies to do like me and simply put the product right back on the shelf where it came from.

There are many natural moisturizers out there… avocado, grapeseed, jojoba, coconut oil, cocoa butter and on and on. time for a little research? 🙂

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